Compound adjectives- Exercise

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1. This program lasts for two months. It is a _____________ program.

2. This man has a strong will. He is a ________________ man.

3. This medication lasts a long time. This is _______________ medication

4. This activity consumes a lot of time. This is a ______________ activity.

5. This album has broken the record for most albums sold in one year. This is a ___________ album.

6. This scheme is supposed to help you make money. It is a______________  scheme.

7. This painting is from the nineteenth century. It is a ________________________ painting.

8. This news broke my heart. This is ______________ news.

9. This doll was made by hand. This is a ________________ doll.

10. This solar panel is as thin as paper. This is a  _______________solar panel.

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